photo by Nathalie Laya

photo by Nathalie Laya

executive leadership

Our Executive Leadership Program is designed to be a three hour event in which your executive team learn the principles of bartending and how to apply them to their day to day in a fun and dynamic way. In this track we begin with a 20-30 minute talk about hospitality practices and principles that will help achieve stronger leadership and managerial skills. After a brief chance for Q&A, your team is paired off at bartending stations where they will work together to learn a new craft. A hands-on mixology class is taught by the area's best bartenders, giving your executives the opportunity to learn how to make three different drinks using multiple techniques. Throughout the class we will continue our focus on hospitality practices such as proper service etiquette and stage presence behind the bar. After the class, your team will be given ample time to mix and mingle with the drinks they made. 

In this track we offer the option to extend the day into an all-staff party in which your executives have the chance to bartend for the rest of the staff. Using the skills they learn in the mixology class, your team will serve their staff alongside Boston's best bartenders for a cocktail hour your employees will never forget. 

We take care of all the details, simply let us know if you would like Beyond the Mixing Glass to come to you at your office or if you prefer to bring your team to a private space in one of our partner bars or restaurants. 

What's Included:

  • Personalized consultation in which we assess your company's needs and goal
  • Customized talk on applying hospitality practices to your specific workplace
  • Hands-on Mixology Class for up to 20 people (supplementary cost for larger groups)
  • Full event planning
  • All ingredients and equipment rental

Optional Supplement:

  • Cocktail Party in which executive bartend for their staff